Bronze Innovator

Bronze Innovator

Are you Bronze...


You are probably working in a non-managerial role and are a good individual contributor.  You may be working as a member of a larger team providing some form of service or product or simply just looking for something new. Your experience and know-how reflects your hard work rather than your deeper ambitions. You are an enthusiastic individual with huge potential and wish to develop skills and abilities that you want to put to greater use.

You have ambition for greater things and want to be involved in developing an idea for a business or enterprise that interests you.  You want to know what is involved and how you could be better equipped to do this.  You recognise that you need more skills to make it happen and are looking for support and guidance.  You are willing to learn more about yourself, how to be part of an effective team and wish to share experiences and meet like-minded people. 

You want to take on new challenges by being involved in one of our Innovation Workgroups to achieve success and create additional income.