Silver Innovator


Are you Silver...


You are currently working either in middle management, a specialist role of some sort or a small to medium sized business owner and have experience of supervising, co-ordinating and managing the work of others. In either case, the longer you have done this the more you have come to appreciate how much more there is to learn about the art of getting the best out of others. You are keen to learn more about how to do this well.

As a person you can already demonstrate a track record of perseverance, adaptability and achievement. You have a good idea of your current strengths and weaknesses. You are committed not only to your own continuing development but also to developing those who work with and for you. Your transferable skills and your range of interests are such that you have probably been involved in a number of different projects and ventures over the years. You are stimulated by new undertakings and enjoy playing a significant part in them. You may already be pursuing an idea of your own for a business or looking for another enterprise that you would like to take on. You recognise the value of networking and effective teams, and want to continue to build yours. You are particularly interested to meet people with whom you might be able to collaborate, either on a project of yours or one of theirs.

You would like to use your current skills to facilitate one of our Innovation Workgroups to achieve success and create additional income.