Innovation Collaboration Workgroup


Creating innovation together...


Whilst our Innovation Workgroups develop ideas over a number of months, our Idea Collaboration Workgroups are created for one or two sessions to test viability of a specific product or service sector for our Innovation Workgroups.

These collaboration workgroup subjects are either identified or submitted by one of our members or by our investors/partners and will follow our BIG Creation Programme. If a successful idea is agreed with our Tiger Coaches it is then developed in one of our Innovation Workgroups. 

Each member will receive a stake in the Workgroup Company that is formed as if they had submitted the idea through our Idea Vault.

If you are an existing Bronze, Silver or Gold Member of our Innovation Forum with the relevant skills, you will be contacted and invited to attend one of these groups by one of our Tiger Coaches. 

To put forward a collaboration subject or idea contact us and one of our Specialists or Tiger Coaches will get back to you.