Creation Programme


Creating Ideas for the future...


Our Programme has been specifically designed to deliver as many ideas for a product or service on a particular subject in a given time and prioritise these ideas for further investigation.  This programme is most effective with a group of 8 people, however, independent smaller groups will be considered at a fixed fee charge.  Please contact us if you are interested in an independent workgroup.

The work group will complete the programme over one or two days depending on the subject and group size and will follow our five step creation process.

One of our BIG Specialists will deliver the programme and a Tiger Coach will review the outcome.  Ideas created during the programme will be submitted into our Idea Vault for further evaluation as if a collaboration group had submitted the idea.

Big Creation Steps

Step 1.1 - Define

The team will be introduced to the progamme and discuss the barriers in creativity,  set the scene for innovation and define the scope and subject for further discussion.

Step 1.2 - Divergent

Using divergent thinking techniques the team will work both independently and in groups to identify as many ideas on the subject that are possible in a given time.

Step 1.3 - Consolidate

All the ideas created will be grouped and consolidated into a number of sub groups for further evaluation.

Step 1.4 - Evaluate

Each idea sub group will be evaluated and a priority list of ideas will be generated and the top 10 ideas will be defined in more detail.

Step 1.5 - Present

A simple report in presentation format will be created and presented back to the Specialist and Tiger Coach and agreed ideas will be submitted to the Big Ideas Vault.