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We know that people are at different stages in their development journey and we have therefore created six main levels of membership to ensure there is an opportunity for everyone. 

These levels are illustrated above and our White level provides you with the opportunity to join our forum free or at very little cost, which allows you to learn more about our benefits and discounts.

To make it easy for you to identify the level you should be signing up to we have created an Innovator Profile for each level.  Our white level profile is summarised below to give you an idea of the profiles.

White Innovator

You are someone who is interested in developing ideas and you have found BIG.  You are curious to find out more about our membership levels.  You believe that you can achieve more and extend existing skills and want to develop ideas or innovations by having the chance to help bring them to life.  Fantastic,  the Breakthrough Innovations Group is relevant to you  and you are ready to explore the possibilities that our Programmes and Forums can offer you.

For further levels please select from the links below:

Bronze Profile

Silver Provile

Gold Profile

Platinum Profile