Exploration Programme


Explore the infinite possibilities...

Our Exploration Programme is aimed at our Silver or Gold level members who want to become a Gold level member or reinforce their Gold membership status. Our Programme is designed to develop you as a ‘big’ catalyst of enterprise and inspirer of others.

Gold 1 - Awareness

Awareness of the potential that can be released by creating new patterns of collaboration is a distinguishing feature of those who are able to inspire others to exceptional levels of individual and collective achievement. This module explores how fundamental differences between people can be re-framed to replace a tendency to over-emphasise control with more dynamic combinations of individuality and association. You will come out of this module with a fresh sense of what you personally can do to nurture and create exciting new possibilities of this sort.

Gold 2 - Learning

A capacity to explore and push boundaries (rather than simply absorbing and adapting to existing conditions) is a distinguishing feature of how catalysts, entrepreneurs, innovators and inspirers operate. Consciously or instinctively, they treat continuous learning as a way of life rather than a burden or obligation. They are not confined by particular preferences of learning style, nor do they take a narrow view of learning as merely an approach to problem-solving. Instead they treat it as an essentially creative process and they are adept at drawing on diverse resources to maintain its vitality and momentum. This module will show you how to cultivate that same approach.

Gold 3 - Skills

Probably the defining skill of catalysts, inspirers and innovators is that they are highly adept with language. They use this fluency internally in the agile and creative way that they conceptualise situations and opportunities. They use the same verbal fluency externally in the various ways they enlist other people’s attention and energies to come together, turn ideas into reality and make things happen. This module is for people who are already good with their use of language and want to make themselves outstanding in that respect. You will come out of this module with practical strategies for how you can continue developing your own verbal fluency, the vital skill for connecting possibilities and people.

Gold 4 - Presence

Another evident characteristic of catalysts, inspirers and innovators is that they have presence, both presence of mind and personal presence which engages the attention, interest and commitment of others. What may be less immediately apparent, but is no less important, is their capacity to shift their attention fluently between the here-and-now and the emerging future. This enables them to be both realistic and creative. Their ‘fluid presence’ comes from recognising, interpreting and continually working with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity in a way which enables and encourages others to see and embrace possibilities rather than become stuck in less productive patterns. You will come away from this module with the skills to magnify the effects of your own presence in this way.

Gold 5 - Thinking

The ‘fluid presence’ necessary to handle big, complex and dynamic  challenges requires thinking capabilities of an unusually high order. In particular it needs ‘meta-cognition’ – the ability to monitor and adapt not just the focus but also the quality of your own and others’ thinking. Research in the cognitive sciences has shown that this capability is developable, although it requires energy and application. The purpose of this module is to help you to cultivate that capacity for reflection-in-action as well as reflection-on-action which will enable you to extend the scope and impact of minds at work. You will come away from this module with disciplines that will assist you to develop that most elusive of capabilities, well balanced judgement, and practices that will increase the value of your mental powers.