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Broadening the definition of innovation is extremely important and very often it can be a case of just doing something better that has a major impact.

One business member this month realised they had lost sight of the core process of budget variance reporting and once the system was changed very quickly £1000’s were saved.

Another Big member had side-lined any staff appraisal activity to the point it was being ignored affecting sales and productivity, our Tiger Coach was able to turn this around with a good settled process and enable the business to flourish.

The massive injection by the Bank of England and the Government this week is important to note and yes we need to be creative and focused to take advantage of opportunities some of which are building up in our ideas vault.

Business growth can take many forms but innovation is often the key. Whether it is about innovative ways of working smarter or a new innovative product so don’t block ideas in your business encourage and develop them.

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