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Good investment opportunities are few and far between in the current climate which does not encourage innovation, so where do we invest our money.

Our answer is simple – Innovation and new businesses. The Government share this view which is why they are investing millions into Innovation, Technology and Manufacturing as well as promoting the “Business Growth Fund” which is a bank-funded venture capital fund for high growth companies.

Through our Coaching and Mentoring Programmes we have taken to market an innovative bike company with aspirations to go global over the next two years. As a result of our Tiger coach intervention the business risk has been eliminated and is now in a great position for investors to make significant gains. This didn’t take months of discussions with difficult institutions, but simply a meeting with one of our Tiger Coaches who reviewed the business plan and decisions where quickly made.

Our solution to investment and capital growth is simple; think of a great idea, collaborate together and invest time and money into something you believe in and generate returns that you would not achieve in normal investment channels.

This solution provides opportunities for investors and people looking for investment at the same time and is what we consider a win-win scenario.

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